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with One Talk from Verizon in in Hartford & Sioux Falls, SD

Verizon OneTalk is the leading cloud-based business phone system on the market. The technicians at twenty7 Tech Group are proud to present this solution to your business. This software allows use of the same number on different devices. It not only improves your communication, but makes your day-to-day operations easier.

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This user is mobile - they would like to have the functionality of an office phone system but are on the move. Not tied down to a desk, but want to be reached when needed. They can keep their current cell phone number and just migrate their number into the OneTalk System.

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This user loves their desk, and their desk phone - they use the desk phone throughout their day, and know exactly how to use all the functionality. They are transferring, parking, and holding calls on the regular. They don't have a need to be mobile but if their role changes and they become mobile - OneTalk will grow with them (at no additional cost with the free APP)

This user is at their desk in the morning, and out and about the rest of the day or vice verse. They are familiar with their desk phone, and love using it while in the office, but they also love the flexibility of leaving the office for appointments while staying connected. They may pick their call up on their desk phone and need to leave the office mid conversation - that is no big deal with One Talk from Verizon. They can seamlessly transfer from their desk phone to their mobile device.

What can you expect from our team?

What can you expect from our team?

Our Verizon co-partners are confident in our product. You can trust us to:

Suggest the best products for your business
Show you how to make the most of your devices
Complete your installation and hook up all devices
Provide ongoing support

Our team will teach you and other administrators how to operate Verizon OneTalk.

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